Launching published course in a browser

I have a course that includes a screen recording video. I have published the course and have saved all files to a SharePoint location. I thought that I could simply share the URL to the story.html file and users could simply click the link and the course would launch in a browser. However, when clicked, the user is prompted to save the html file locally. This happens both in Internet Explorer and Chrome.

Am I setting this up incorrectly in Storyline, or is there something with my browser settings that I'm missing?

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Bill Baugh

Hi Sandie...

Thanks for the very quick reply!

Unfortunately I had already found and tried what was suggested in both of those posts. Regardless of whether I just click the link directly, or put it into frame or object tags, I still get prompted to save the file. 

I have save all files on the SharePoint server intact and haven't renamed anything. Let me know if you have any other suggestions. Meantime, I'll keep digging