Launching Social Media Sharing from an eLearning End Page

I'm using Storyline 2 and I'm interested in launching social media sharing (Facebook and Twitter) from the end page of a public online course (published for web and hosted on our website). Has anyone tried this?

I'm particularly interested in pre-populating the image and text fields associated with the share. So, for example, we could include an icon from the course and the text "I've just completed this online course in X..." in the editable text field of the Facebook share.

Is this possible? Any suggestions? I'd love to see examples of where other people have done this successfully.

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Leslie McKerchie

Great idea Amanda! I did a quick search and do not see relevant information to share with you here, but I'd be interested to know how others have done this as well.

There was some information about Business Pages and Social Buttons here, but the How To links are dead.

Looking forward to hearing from others in the community.

Jerry Fernandez

We do this, but we had to do it manually using AddThis code because I couldn't get the script to work in Articulate.  Checkout the SBA Learning Center courses at . After you launch, we have social media icons on the very last page of the course.  when you click the social media icon, there's a pre-written text.