Layer advances at end of timeline, how to stop?

Sorry, this is probably an easy thing, but for some reason I can't figure it out right now. Brain cramp Monday.

I have slides with 3 layers (including the base). I have triggers and a variable that work with the Next and Prev buttons. Navigation works well, but the layer advances when the end of the Timeline is reached. How can I disable this auto advancing?



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Sanju T

Quick question, if I have a transision effect on the textboxes in each layer, that means they will auto disappear, even with 'Advance by User' selected?

That's what seems to be happening now. We can't add something like a fade in and out to textboxes on each layer, but have it fade out only when the user clicks Next?

Ashley Terwilliger

You could "fake it" - create a duplicate of your slide that will be jumped to when the user clicks next, and set the timeline very short, so that all those items will have their exit animations occur right away - and then a trigger to jump to the next slide when the timeline ends. 

This would only work if you were not allowing the user to utilize the previous button (or wanted to hardcode all the triggers to direct them back to the original slide). You'd also have to remove these duplicates from the menu. So it's a bit of work just for animations...but with Storyline you can pretty much always make it happen.