Layer and trigger issues

I have a layer (intro layer) with 3 characters with a trigger for each that sends them to separate layers (i.e. character 1 layer, character 2 layer, etc).  Each character layer then sends them back to the intro layer when the layer timeline ends.  After all 3 characters have been clicked and the character layers viewed I want a trigger to send it to intro layer2.  The character layers can also be viewed in any order.  How can I do this? 



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Kevin Thorn

Hi Jennifer,

First, when you say "Intro Layer" are you referring to the base layer - the slide itself?

To achieve this you would probably take advantage of a few variables. If you're not comfortable with variables, don't worry...they're not that bad.

Here's one way to set it up. In order to indicate a user has visited each of the characters you may want to add some sort of visual cue.

  1. Add something like a 'checkmark' to the Visited State of each Character.
  2. Set the base slide properties to "Resume Saved State."
  3. On each of the character layers, set a trigger to Hide This Layer when timeline ends. This will go back to base slide.
  4. Since the user clicked a character it is now in a visited state. So when step #3 completes and hides that layer, the added checkmark to that character should now be visible - Visited.

To jump to your second intro layer, you can add a fourth layer to this slide or jump to a new slide altogether. 

  1. Set a Slide Trigger on base slide that Jumps To Slide # - or - Show Layer [fourth layer] > when > character1 AND character2 AND character3 are in a Visited state.

Caution here on that last trigger because it will auto jump to that fourth layer or slide 'before' seeing that final character's Visited state - checkmark. You might want to consider adding a button to the base slide set to Hidden initially. Then change the state of that button when all three character's Visited states are present. Then add a trigger to that button that shows the fourth layer or jumps to the next slide.

Good luck and hope this helps!

Jennifer Jefts

Hi Kevin,

The "intro layer" is not the base layer.  I have base layer that I don't want involved in this interaction - it is a created lightbox interaction.  i haven't had a chance to try your scenario, but it will it work since the intro layer is not the base layer?