After Update 3, I have noticed what seems to be a NEW bug (prior published storyline modules built the same way do not have this problem).

Audio in a layer (with reset to initial state and close button with trigger to hide layer) will not play a second time if the layer gets to the end. All the animations will and the timeline still scrubs, but no audio... hitting the replay button will in fact get the audio to play a second time..  The quick-fix solution until this is addressed: audio in the layer cannot be synced at 0:00. bump it over to 0.25

I am inserting an example .story. When previewed, both links will work as usual, but when clicked a second time, the first link will not play the audio and the second link will. Note: the layer must be allowed to complete.

I would appreciate confirmation that this is recognized as an issue and that it will be addressed in the future. Any other feedback or addition to this discussion is welcome.


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Christine Hendrickson

Hi Chris!

Thanks very much for the information and the file. I took a look and I do see the issue you're referring to, but I just wanted to mention there's a slightly simpler way to get this working with the timeline of the layer. 

Try adding a trigger to the layer to play the audio when the timeline starts. Not only does this seem to fix the problem, you won't need to adjust the time. 

Can you take a look and see if that works for you, too, please?


Christine Hendrickson

Hi Chris!

Thanks for catching that! I honestly didn't even think about trying that, once I saw it was working. 

I see this in a new file I created for testing as well.

Looks like your method is the best to use for the moment. I've been looking around and I find it hard to believe this hasn't been reported yet, but I cannot find a bug report on this. If this isn't seen as a bug, I wonder if there's reasoning behind it - for example, I wonder if it's intentional to have the audio "separated" from the layer timeline on a revisit, or what the logic is behind that.

Would you mind sending this information and your original file over to our support team for some additional testing?

If you do send the file over, please share the case number with me. I'd like to follow along and see what's behind this.

Thanks very much Chris!

Steve Smart

I think I have a similar problem.  I experience this when authoring as follows:

1. I have added audio to my slide and added a 'play media when timeline starts' slide trigger for this audio

2. When working with the timeline although I can drag the playhead, and click play, and the playhead moves, there is no audio

3. If I remove the trigger in (1) and again drag the playhead, and click play, and the playhead moves, there is audio

Practically this problem is makes authoring awkward when trying to synchronize graphic events in the timeline with spoken material in the audio.


While I'm on timeline 'quirks': wouldn't it make more sense if in a situation like that shown in the screenshot below, I only saw 'line 3' the one which is (in scary old Actionscript parlance) 'on stage' at the time where the playhed is sitting?