Layer background not matching template

Hello heroes!

I am desperate help, once again. 

Maybe I misunderstand layers. What I want to do is have the user click on a thumbnail and show a layer with a larger version of the image. However, when I create a new layer, the background does not look like my master template. 

So basically I get the trigger right and it displays the layer, but it looks weird to have a background that will not look like the rest of the course.

Please help. 


Thank you in advance.. old-new-confused user

Mimi :)

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Mimi Hall


My awesome hero. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. 

Okay, so what I'm trying to do is:

  • User clicks on image (labeled #1) and #2 will display over background
  • Label 3 is the whole slide (background template, etc).

Basically, the user should be able to click on the object, show the second object.

I tried using states, but I did not like it. I have a small thumbnail image, my boss wanted to zoom in on, however, when I tried the zoom state the image was pixelated because it was small. I am using the cut out person as the 'large clear' image because everything has to be confidential.

I thought maybe layers would be a good use here. What perplexes me is when I duplicate the layer why won't it truly duplicate the layer, all I get is a gray background.

Thank you so much for your help. 



Wendy Farmer

Hi Mimi

the grey is coming from the layout master background which is grey. 

So you want this background to be behind the cutout? like this?

I did this by going to View > Feedback Master and creating a whole new master and duplicating the background from the View > Slide Master.

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