Layer closes when tab on slide master is clicked

Apr 24, 2019

I have a series of tabs/menu items across the bottom of the screen that are available on all slides in the course. These are on a slide master.

The learner clicks a tab and a list of topics displays that they can choose from. The list of topics displays on top of the current screen and learner can choose a new topic or can close the list by clicking the menu item again. The screen stays intact unless they choose another topic by clicking on it.

On the base layer of screens, it works as designed. But when a layer is displaying, the screen reverts back to the base layer of that screen as soon as they click a tab and topics display.

Ideas on how to keep the layer displayed, ie how to leave the screen as-is when the learner is looking at what's available elsewhere until they click a topic? Since it works on the base layer, seems like it should work for a layer, too??


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Walt Hamilton

Sounds like the list of topics that displays is on a layer that is set to close other layers. If that's the case, change the properties of the topics layer. If not, attach your .story file here, and I'll bet someone can help you.

And no, the base is a slide and the layers are parts of it, so they don't all interact the same way.

Carrie Eaton

Walt, I read earlier posts similar to what I'm experiencing so looked the layers with the tabs. Yes, they were set to hide other layers, but unchecking that didn't solve it.

Unfortunately I can't post the file publicly.

And, yes, I know that base and layers react differently; it just seems if I can get it to work one place, I ought to be able to figure out how to get it to work another?!?  ;-) 

Carrie Eaton

Ouch! So all is not well yet!

So I turned off HIDE OTHER LAYERS on the master slide for the tab layers so the layer on the current slide isn't hidden when they choose a tab. But when the learner is on a layer on the current slide and clicks a tab, the current layer stays on the screen but the base layer also shows through. Apparently the setting for the master slide over-rides the setting to HIDE on the current slide. 

I'm surprised at that. I would have thought that what's on the master is the default but that settings can be different on individual slides. Am I seeing what's happening correctly or am I missing something?

Carrie Eaton

Here are two files:

Above and below with HIDE LAYERS on master slide UNCHECKED - click on above or below button and base layer displays underneath the layer.

Above and below with HIDE LAYERS on master slide CHECKED - click on above or below button and slide goes back to base slide so layer content is lost.


Alyssa Gomez

Hey Carrie,

Thanks for sharing those sample files! I see the issue on my side, and I was able to recreate it in a new file. I'd like to bring this to our product team to find out more about this behavior. As soon as I know more, I'll send you an update.

In the meantime, I like your idea of placing a white box behind the text on each layer. Smart workaround!

Carrie Eaton

I was out of the office last week and have just started working on this again, Alyssa, and have another headache.

If I uncheck HIDE OTHER LAYERS on the master slide layers TAB01 and TAB02, that solves the initial problem, ie when the learner clicks on a menu tab across the bottom, the layer that was displaying disappears (per the bug above). Now the base layer isn't hidden, and I placed a white box at the back  of each layer to cover the base text.

But now there's another issue, and I don't understand how it's related to the setting for hiding other layers, but it seems to be. 

While on any given screen, the learner can click a menu tab to see a list of those topics. So if they are on 'intro to brand' they can click 'promise' and see the list of topics there. But since what's on the screen is still from the 'intro' tab, that tab should stay selected and 'promise' remain gray. The tab only displays as selected once the learner chooses a topic. The state of the tab is controlled by a variable.

With HIDE OTHER LAYERS checked, this works as designed. With HIDE OTHER LAYERS unchecked, (which I need to cope with the software bug above) the 'promise' tab shows as selected even though the variable for that tab is not set to true.

Lots of words to describe this, but hopefully you can see what's happening in the attached stripped down file. Like I said, I don't see why this problem is related to showing layers since the states of the tabs are controlled by variables, but changing the layer setting triggers this behavior...???

I'm beginning to panic a bit and would appreciate any and all suggestions. Thanks!

Carrie Eaton

I haven't figured it out yet, but one more clue. When you click on the 2nd tab (promise), it stays selected for 4 seconds, which is the length of the timeline on that layer on the master slide, and then is unselected. Since the layer is not being hidden, it makes sense that it displays for that long, but I don't see where/how/why the tab state is becoming selected because the variable doesn't least not where I can find it???

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Carrie, 

Thanks for sharing some additional information and your .story file so that we could take a look.

Based on the triggers I see on Tab 01 (Introduction) and Tab 02 (Promise) the other layer is being hidden when the timeline starts:

  • Tab 01 trigger - Hide layer Tab 02
  • Tab 02 trigger - Hide layer Tab 01

For the Tab 02 going away - I see a trigger on this slide to show layer Update TAB when the timeline ends, which would be after 4 seconds as you mentioned above.

Carrie Eaton

Thanks, Leslie.  I've tried writing this reply several times with lots of words to describe what my goal is but I'm struggling! ;-)

Basically, one tab selected at a time, the one for the lesson I'm in, but I can look at what's available on other tabs at any time and those tabs won't change to the selected state. As you can imagine, there are more than two tabs in the actual course.

To accomplish this, I've set variables to control the state of the tabs. But it isn't working...when the learner clicks another tab to look at those choices, that tab turns gold IN ADDITION to the first tab. And when you click back and forth between the tabs, things get telling what will highlight after a few clicks! ;-)

And the triggers you mention - each tab layer to be hidden when the timeline starts - are only hiding the list of topics, not changing the state of the tab.

The client wants me to replicate a current course design that was written in proprietary software.. they're moving to Articulate now. I know this is doable and that I'm missing something simple. Any ideas?

And thanks for your patience!

Alyssa Gomez

Hi, Carrie!

I want to be sure we've got a clear picture of exactly what you're looking to do. Could you record a quick screen recording or a Peek 360 video to show us what's currently not working and how you'd like it to work? 

Then the community can chime in with their ideas for next steps!

Regarding the bug I mentioned earlier where hidden base layer objects appear on slide layers when a Slide Master layer is also open, I'll keep you posted on our progress. 

Carrie Eaton

Alyssa, I've spent the last two hours trying to record a peek video with little success even after viewing the peek tutorial....controls to stop recording disappear from the screen so I stopped recording using the peek icon in my tray at the bottom of the screen. It then started processing and I stopped it at 30+ minutes. Tried again, and it seemed to work, but now when I try to open it in Review 360, I get an error could not be loaded either because the server or network failed or because the format is not supported.

And in the course of trying to record a demo, I began seeing some other erratic behavior. Bottom line is, I'm setting this aside for right now. Originally the client wanted me to duplicate this navigation from another course that was written in a proprietary language but it now looks like they are leaning toward a simpler menu design. 

So there's no point in my pursuing this further until I know we'll be using it, and there is certainly no point in my taking up any more of your time!

As always, you guys offer the best support in the industry...good support and lots of patience! Thanks!

Walt Hamilton


I haven't followed this well, and I haven't looked deeply, but I can give you one bit of help.

I think I know what causes this:

To accomplish this, I've set variables to control the state of the tabs. But it isn't working...when the learner clicks another tab to look at those choices, that tab turns gold IN ADDITION to the first tab. And when you click back and forth between the tabs, things get telling what will highlight after a few clicks! ;-)

The tabs have a state named "Selected" and you are trying to control it with triggers. The built-in states come with built-in triggers, and those frequently conflict with triggers that you write with results that while unpredictable, are often very similar to what you are describing. when the built-in triggers are fighting with your triggers for control of the state, things do get crazy.

I went to the master and for the Promise tab I duplicated the Selected state and named it "Selected Tab", deleted the "Selected" state, and changed the trigger references from "Selected" to "Selected Tab". Now there are no automatic actions occurring when the tab is clicked, and you have full control of it through the triggers. I wrote triggers for it to control the two variables, nd to control the state of both tabs, and I think that now, at the very least, the selected state of the "Promise" tab works as you want it.

I suspect the same thing may be true for the "Visited" states, also.

Carrie Eaton

Walt, this makes sense! And consider the possibility that they selected state was it built in the state, but when I went to build a new state, I didn’t see you select is this action. I work as of tomorrow and consider the possibility that they selected state was it built in the state, but when I went to build a new state, I didn’t see select is this action. I work as of tomorrow I get out of work .

Thanks so much! I’m grateful for people like you that love to dig into challenges! 

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