layer doesn't display when variable changes

i have a t/f variable that when changed to true should let an additional layer display on a slide.  i added a reference box and the variable does change from true to false.  but the layer does not display.  i have a similar slide setup the same way that works perfectly.  this one does not. 

i can get the layer to display if i change the display layer to "on timeline start" but on variable change the layer does not display.

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Michael Hinze

Make sure that you the variable change occurs on the same slide as the trigger that shows a layer. The "When Variable changes" option is limited to the slide where the change happens. See attached an example that 'toggles' a layer based on the changing value of a variable.

Kassy Marsh

Hi Michael

I'd just like to say a massive thank you for this.  I'd followed the learn videos on how to do this and done it exactly as they showed us and it wouldn't work.  

Having been able to see how you did it in the story above, I replicated that and it worked. 

I'd spent over an hour trying to work out what I'd done wrong and was getting pretty frustrated - so a massive thank you to you for showing me how to fix it! 

You're a star!