Layer Doesn't Lock and can move in drag and drop

Having problems with a drag and drop feature in my storyline.

Learners have to drag stage areas into box where it would be located but stage can be dragged and it's not suppose to. How can I prevent from this happening.Everything works fine but I don't want the stage area to move at all...I locked it and cropped but you can still do it. 


All items are correctly placed to go in the form view. 


Any ideas?

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Tom Kuhlmann

If the stage is draggable, that means you have chosen it to be draggable:

  1. if you used a trigger, often people mix the two objects, draggable and target. Look at the triggers and make sure the stage is set to be the dropped on target and not the draggable object. This is usually what happens.
  2. if you used the convert to freeform feature to create the draggable objects, then make sure it's not selected as a draggable object

Locking the objects on the timeline only works in production mode so you don't move things on the slide while working with other objects