Layer engaging one extra unwanted time

Apr 05, 2016

Started to build a little multiplication module for my 2nd grade daughter as she is learning math.  It was a good plan for me to practice my Storyline skills.

The idea is to allow the user to practice 10 questions. Two cards get javascript numbers to be multiplied. The user enters the answers and feedback is provided based on the answer entered.

The card shuffle and math is done on the CardDump layer.  Entering the answer, submitting buttons and cumulative feedback done on the Base Layer.  

When 10 answers are entered, the calculate button is set to disable and show results button becomes Normal.  

Most of this is working except i get a 11th card shuffle. Ugh. I think i have a recurring loop between the Base layer and the CardDump.

The running counter is %CountRun% variable. I've tried to set triggers to close the CardDump layer when %CountRun%=10 or other combinations but after 2 days i'm lost.

Thank for any support or suggestions.   

The attached story attachment is rough so i can practice the logic.

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Michael Hinze

Have a look at the attached and see if that's what you wanted. Unless I misunderstood your logic, it seems to work now. I added a few conditions to triggers to make sure that the various layers are only shown for the ten attempts. There is probably a way to simplify the trigger setup, but I didn't want to completely 'rip apart' your current structure.

David Jones123

Hello Michael,

Thank you for the update.  I noticed your updates. I see how you got them to work based on my logic.  I am open to you 'ripping apart' ^_^ the structure for a more efficient structure. My early attempts had everything working on one layer but 'nothing' worked, so i thought compartmentalizing was a better way. I welcome the opportunity to become more efficient.

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