Layer Functionality with Media

I built an interaction that uses media on layers. The base layer shows content then goes to a layer where the video plays while waiting for user to respond. When it reaches the end of the waiting layer, it goes to a prompt layer then returns to the waiting layer (which is not playing the second time). If the user responds incorrectly, it gives them a hint and returns to the waiting layer for them to respond again (the media does not play when returning).  When I first built it, everything was working fine. However, I have tried it again and the media will only play on the first pass. Is there a trigger or something I can do to make the media play on the second pass? I am using Storyline 1 version 6: 1407.2208 and using HTML5 in Chrome for the published files. Also, I can share the file with you if it helps.


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Terry Carter

Thanks for your reply Leslie!

I have since split my layers into separate slides in separate scenes and they are functioning (although not as smoothly as the layers originally did). I cannot openly post the file since it is a work file. If anyone has any ideas or suggestions, I would love to use the layers!