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Jun 15, 2018

I have watched the tutorial videos on Layers but I'm obviously not getting it. I am using Storyline 3 and when I add new layers it takes me forever to be able to see the layer. In my latest example, I added layer 41L and 42L. I want layer 41L to transition to 42L when the user clicks on the "next" button or the "enter" button. Two problems: 1. I don't see the 42L layer when I preview at all. 2. When I try to add these triggers to the41L layer (so that it will transition to the 42L layer) it seems to be added to the Base Layer, which is confusing. I don't know who to tell which triggers are applied to which layer because they all seem to be on the Base Layer. Help!!

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Keisha Braswell

When I preview the .story I see a "next" button on all of the slides. It's built into the template, so I guess my next question is how do I activate the "next" button on each layer? I know how to add a hotspot, but I do not actually see the "next" button when I am creating. It is only visible to me when I preview.

Walt Hamilton

What you are seeing is the Next button that is built into Storyline (SL). There is only one per slide, and all the layers on a slide share that one Next button. If you want to create some variables and use conditions, you can use it to jump to various layers and slides, but it is difficult and complex. Many people find it much easier (and better looking) not to use that button. Instead, they create custom buttons. Place a separate individual button on each layer and give it a trigger that instructs it to jump to another slide, or show another layer. Any object can act as as button. Just give instructions to click it, and give it a trigger to take the appropriate action.

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