Layer order when looping

Hi, I am trying to achieve a looping effect in one of my slide which have multiple layers( with the looping effect on one of them). 

I have tested with no Show/Hide layer looping trigger, the layer order works as expected. However, as soon as I add the trigger on the looping layer, it automatically comes up to the very top. 

Is this because the "show layer when timeline ends" trigger I added to the loop layer overrule the triggers on the base layer? Does anyone know if there is any way around this issue, please?

Many thanks in advance.

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Walt Hamilton

If you are talking about appearance on the screen during preview or after publication, then  by design the most recently shown layer does (and should) appear above other layers. You have complete control over this by the order in which you command the layers to appear.

If you are talking about the layer panel in editing mode, the layers can be dragged up and down in the order on the panel.


Jiayu Dudderidge

Many thanks for your reply, It is the commending layers to appear that I was referring to. I released that I have been putting all the show layer triggers in the base layer which didn't do the job. Now all my show layer triggers are in the previous revealed layer and it seems to done the trick.