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Laura Gregory

I think I'm just generally confused about the uses and purpose of layers then...

I'm not sure how to learn more about that and get better ideas of how to use them, but in this case it might be best for me to use states? 

I want for each of the four badge icons to be colored at first and then as the learner selects each one the others gray out and audio comes up, then they select the next icon and it's color comes back, audio for it comes up and the others (including the first colored one) gray out, and so on.  Does that make sense? 

I thought about using a disabled state for the grayed icons, but I'm going to see if that would mean that I can't select them later...

Laura Gregory

Now I've gotten myself all confused.  I'm trying to get the selected icon and text below it to be the only bright colored ones on the slide and I can't figure out how to do that without creating a Ton of triggers that turn them off and on.  Ideally they would only be in the normal state while selected and the selection of another icon would turn them to gray...but I can't say go to gray when "this" is selected, because the learner could select any of three other options, not just one.

Laura Gregory

Both?  I've got the slider in there to illustrate the visual of progression...moving up from one level to the next.  if they move the slider I want the colors to change so they focus on the visual that I want them to and if they select the leaf icon, for example I want them to see that they are at the first step in the progression.  (how complicated is it going to be to add audio to all this :)?)

Anna Grillo

Hi Laura - I stumbled upon your question while working on a similar interaction. I think I've accomplished what you were looking for. If you want the badges to appear in color at first, make sure that their initial state is set to "Normal". As for adding audio, just replace the xylophone sound with anything that works for your project!