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Apr 25, 2013

hi everyone, 

                   can somebody help in following problem:

1) on base layer i am having a video (which plays for entire duration) and many text boxes (containing transcript) which appear at different time say first from 0-5 sec , 2nd 5-10 sec,etc on time line (subtitle sort of thing)

2) i have made a layer which contains only video not these text boxes(hidden) 

3) i have provided a button on base layer,when clicked will show 2nd layer (if viewer dont want to see script) and one button on 2nd layer when clicked would hide this layer .

                                   now the problem is that base layer works fine but when we move to 2nd layer it initially shows no text box but after some time text box appears by itself(at the time where it starts on base layer) 

                                                                            thanx in anticipation

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Christine Hendrickson

HI there Parmanand,

Is the text showing when the second layer is viewed from the main layer? Is it a different object that's being triggered?

It sounds like the text from the main layer is being triggered from that layer, but I'm not certain.

It may also be due to the timeline on the main layer. Do you have the main timeline paused when viewing the second layer?

If you're not able to get this working, can you post the .STORY file here?



parmanand kumar

thanx a ton sai,

pretty kool solution though i was just wondering why base layer objects were visible on other layer even after being hidden on that slide(just out of curiosity).also in the story u sent when we were going from second layer to base layer then there was a little rewind ,which i sorted out by changing trigger setting from "jump to slide" to hide this layer"

thanx again,

Christine Hendrickson

Good morning Parmanand!

Great! Very happy to hear you were able to get it working.

I'm afraid I only have access to the original course you posted, but from what I can see you did a good job :) You did very well walking the user through the system. I'd be happy to check out the finished project, if you'd like any feedback, as well.

Let us know how it turns out!


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