Layer problems

I have a slide that i want learners to stay on until the drag and drop activity is complete. When the timeline starts the Next button changes state to Disable using a trigger.

I am asking the learners to drag six items onto a landing spot. When each item is dragged to the landing a related new layer appears that teaches them where to find the item in real life. After dragging all six items the Next button changes state to Normal using a trigger.

I want a seventh layer (titled "Next Arrow") to appear on top of whatever the layer below is. That seventh layer has an arrow pointing to the Next button.

The problem is when previewing, the Next Arrow layer appears and then disappears.  I want it to be persistent. 

I have attached the project with just this slide. 

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Tom Kuhlmann

This is a good stumper. Here's what's going on:

  • On the last drop, you have conflicting triggers. You're showing a layer for the object. And then the object changes to drop correct, which triggers showing the arrow layer. So the arrow layer is triggered first and then the object layer.
  • You have to have a completion event for the last object dropped and then after that, show the arrow layer. Or you can set all of the layers on the other layers.
  • You can get rid of the ovals and hover triggers by adding a hover state to the object. I'd also make the hover effect faster. .75 is a long time for a hover animation for the labels. Of course, that keeps the hover state active for object on the cart.
  • I like to use variables instead of states to evaluate. Doesn't matter, but you do have more control with variables. You could have a t/f variable to track each drop. And then when they're all true, trigger the completion.
Michael Oppenheimer


Thank you for the very quick reply.   Adding a variable for each layer with the total triggering the "Next Arrow" and "Normal" for the next button did the trick.  

I reduced the hover animation time as well.  

When i added the labels to the Hover state the labels persisted while the item was being moved and i did not like that effect for the learners.