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I'm a new user to Articulate and I'm trying create a learning module. It's important that this work well because we're trying to get our customers to buy in to e-learning.  Can anyone help with the following? Please.....

I have a slide that has three buttons.  Each button opens a new layer.  However, the layer disappears too quickly for the user to read the material.   What should I do?

2. The layer includes the buttons from the Master Slide.  However, the Previous button of a layer does not return the user to the base layer.  Can I make that happen?

Thanks for your help.

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Walt Hamilton

If you could post your .story file, it would be easier for someone here to help you. Use the ADD ATTACHMENT button on the bottom left when you create a new post. Then browse to your file (the .story file), and it will be attached when you POST.

Layers have timelines, and usually default to closing when those timelines end.

To return to the base layer, change the trigger's action to "hide this layer".

Christie Pollick

Hi, Sandy -- Thanks for reaching out with your question! As Walt mentioned, it's always helpful to share your file to share how things are set up and further illustrate what you are hoping to accomplish. You may want to take a look at this information on Working with Layers as well for a better understanding of how this functionality can be best utilized.