Layer re-appearing every time navigation slide is returned to.


I'm hoping for some help as I'm struggling with one of our corporate modules. It's a meet the team modules which has a 'home' slide from which the learner can view the profiles of the senior management group by clicking their image. 

As I was finding that some learners needed more instruction, I created an instruction layer which pops up when the timeline is at 2 seconds. Once read, the learner clicks an X to hide the layer. 

I have tried every setting I can think of but the layer is still appearing for half a second before disappearing every time the home slide is returned to. I've attached the file if anyone would like to see how I might be able to fix this.


Amy Williams

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Amy Williams

Hi Wendy,

The layer is not 'flashing' up like it used to which is great, thank you! But I was hoping to only have the layer appear once, the first time the learner views the slide and then have it hidden. Do you know if I can change any settings to make that work?

Thanks (especially for your quick reply!)

Wendy Farmer

Hi Amy

not sure I understand, I was only seeing the lightbox once with the variable I created.  Where are you seeing it again?

I added a number variable as well for the slide visits to 1.2 and again, it only shows once so not sure if I've made it more complex than it needs to be.

If still not working, can you give me an idea of when you are seeing it appear more than once.