Layer seekbar issues & objects missing when publish

SL2- current through update 8 - publishing and watching in both Chrome and Firefox and i have an arrow animation that won't appear?  it does every other time I publish? super odd. It's just an arrow I made from the drawing tools- nothing fancy has a minor left wipe animation.


Also- I have the proper layer setting checked to "pause timeline of base layer" so the layer has it's own seekbar activity and it is not working.  If I try to scrub in it - it goes back to the main layer but I see the layer I'm on and the base layer- gets very messy!


Any tips or suggestions?  

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Kristy,

When viewing the published output have you uploaded the course to a web server or LMS? It may be that you're experiencing odd behavior from testing it locally and you could review the information here including a few testing platforms you could use to see if that changes the behavior.  

Did you also enable "allow seeking" in your layer? What is the triggers associated with bringing the user to the layer? I think this is likely something we'd want to take a look at in terms of how you've set up everything. Are you able to share your .story file here with us? You can upload it using the "add attachment" button. 

Kristy Moede

Figured it out!!!  I have a menu button built into the master slide that has layers- the designer had adjusted those settings to not allow seeking and didn't have the pause seekbar button checked.  Works :)

Also just rebuilt the arrows- no clue what was happening there but they seems to be appearing everytime.