Layer shown when all layers are visited not working

Hi Staff and Heroes,

I seem to really struggle with triggers; I think I must have been dropped on my head as a baby. :-)

I have ensured that all of the pictures have a visited state, and set up a trigger to show the Final note layer when all of the Step layers are visited. However, the Final note layer does not come up. If I make the Final note layer into a separate slide it works, but not when it's a layer.

What could I be doing wrong this time?

Thanks for your help!

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Victoria Sublette


Thank you so very much! That is almost perfect. I see what you did is reduce the timeline on each layer to 2 seconds, set the trigger to end of timeline (instead of when it starts) and put the trigger conditions on every layer except for the base layer.

I guess the only problem is that on the last layer visited, it only allows 2 seconds before it jumps and people may want to stay on that slide longer. Is there any way for them to be able to stay longer on the final layer?