Layer shows, but take too much on doing it

Sep 26, 2013

Hi, people.

I have a simulation that (that, yes: I have modified a bit). In this particular slide of the simulation (it's attached), I have put three hotspots on the calendar icons, so the learner can press them in any order.

You may notice that the hotspots are now red. I don't know why. I didn't want to upload the entire simulation, so I copied that one slide into a new document and it colored the hotspots red. But, when previewed, the slide behaves the same way, so it shouldn't matter (I think).

In order to try it properly click the calendar icon on the right:

Calendar 1

click day 28

Calendar 2

click month menu, choose "diciembre", then pick day 31

Calendar 3

click month menu, choose "septiembre", then pick day 30

After having been clicked, every button should display the date in the text field. They do, but not inmediatly.

I tryed by shortining the timeline, but it wasn't it.

I used a similar (if not identic) method for some other slide and it works fine, so I am a bit lost now.

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Hassan Mujtaba

Hi Javier,

Good to hear that. 

Did you get the Hotspot color changed? If not, then this is how we can change.

1. Select the hotspot

2. Click on Format Menu

3. Shape Fill Color (Choose the color of your choice)

4. Shape Outline (Choose the color of your choice)

We only see hotspot color in edit mode.



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