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Bart Collart

Bruce I think the answer just needed to be brought down to my level which is pretty low

Heather, thanks so much for the response.

I did not see the "State" option in the dropdown menu.

I have set this up for my last layer to appear...

 - when State of (each of my 5 buttons) is Visited.

 - I've also tried it when State of (each of my 5 buttons) is not Normal.

But my last layer does not appear in Preview.

It shows up as a Slide Trigger in my Trigger list.

I'm sure it is something simple I am doing wrong. :-(

I've placed my storyline slide doc on dropbox if you wouldn't mind taking a peek...


Heather Steckley

It definitely has something to do with the way the object triggers and slide triggers interact.  In my example that worked, I wasn't trying to show a layer when I clicked each object to get it to the visited state.  It stops working when I add Show Layer triggers to each object.  Then the Slide Trigger no longer executes.

I tried moving the "Last Layer" trigger to each of the layers (called a Layer Trigger, it turns out).  But that didn't work either.  So I went back to just having the trigger on the base slide.

For each Layer, I unchecked the property to Hide Other Layers.  This worked!!!  However, each of Bart's callouts would all show up on top of each other.  Boo.  To me, this sounds like a bug.

 Possible workaround for Bart's scenario:  Don't make the callout point to the correct box.  Just have a generic rectangle to hold your callouts below the boxes, and change out the text when they click each rectangle.  That way, they're all just displaying on top of each other and you won't be able to tell they aren't hiding.

Maybe someone else can solve it better, but that's what I found.  Hope it helps.

Heather Steckley

Sorry I didn't reread my post before sending... I just kept adding to it.  I just realized it starts out talking about object triggers and slide triggers.  That's what I thought at the beginning, but if you keep reading it gets to what I really discovered.  I just didn't go back and edit the first part.  Fun to see the thought process though. 

Annie Jean

Hi all,

Sorry, I cannot download the file from dropbox since it is evil to websense in our company.

I understand the issue and think that it could probably be done by changing the trigger to

Show layer  - name of the layer

When - timeline starts

*edit - timeline of the slide *

  add conditions

If button 1 = Visited

button 2 = visited... and so on.

Wish I could try it directly on the file... maybe one of you could send it to me or try the above.

Hope it helps and have a nice day!


David Anderson

The default preference for each slide layer is to "hide other slide layers" so you're going to need another event to show that final slide layer.

You turned off the visibility of the "last" slide layer which is the right move. But all other slide layers have the default option enabled to hide the slide layers. This prevents that final slide layer from displaying. Try disabling the option on the fifth button "You do this by..." then preview your slide and click the buttons in order. Everything works.

But you probably don't want your layers overlapping one another, which is why another event other than state changes is needed.

@Annie - that's right. I used timeline ends in my example and then added the five conditions to evaluate visited states states.

Another option would be to add your original trigger (evaluate states > show layer) to the beginning of each slide layer's timeline. But that's more work and moves your triggers away from your base layer.