Layer transition not working

Mar 04, 2016

Hi guys,

I'm having a problem with transition when I switch between layers. I have five layers, and each of them have a black transparent rectangle. On each layer, this rectangle is set to fade in 1 second after the timeline starts. There are five buttons on each layer which contain triggers to open the other layers.

The problem is, when I select a button to open a new layer, the new layer opens, but in the first split second the new layer contains the black transparent rectangle from the previous layer. It then quickly disappears, and soon after the new black rectangle opens. 

When I open a new layer, why does it start off with objects from other layers visible? Shouldnt it only start with what is visible on the base layer. It looks very shoddy at the moment.

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Brian Allen

I struggle at times with whether or not to use transitions for slide layers, because of the same issue you're describing.

When you apply a transition to a layer it seems to apply to both entrance and exit, making the transition awkward at times.

I usually end up removing all transitions applied to the layers and just adding entrance animation effects to the elements on each layer.

You may also want to be careful about applying exit animations to objects on your layers, as these can also mess with your transition from one layer to another.

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