Layer triggering next layer issue

Jun 06, 2013

I have a screen that hides the base layer when the learner clicks the trigger to open the first layer called "Product". 

I am trying use a hidden trigger on the Product layer to open the next layer "Special" when the time line ends.

I must be missing something because the Product layer closes and returns to the base layer. I have attached a screen shot of how I have the Product layer set up.

This is my first attempt using layers, so any advice is welcome.

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Josh Uhlig

I think you just need to remove the "Hide Layer" trigger.  Since you are triggering a new layer, you don't need to hide the current one.  I believe you are causing it to hide the Product layer before it gets to the trigger that tells it to open the next layer.

I also suggest removing the off-screen shape and tag the trigger to the layer's timeline instead.  There is no need for the additional shape.

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