Layer which should appear after "onmouseover" doesn't appear for the first time

Hello, I'd like to ask you for some help.

I have buttons in my course with triggers "Show layer XXX when the user hovers the mouse over." Each button behaves the way that for the first time I hover, nothing happens. For the second time and on, it behaves correctly - shows the layer. Other users say the same even when they try it in different web browsers. Could you please help me where can be the mistake?

Thank you, Jan

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Michael Shannon

Hello Jan. While I can't address your specific issue, as I can't replicate it on my end (if you have a file we can use that to test), I would suggest that you not use the hover state to initiate any triggers. The main reason is that hover doesn't exist on tablets. With a massive increase in the number of users accessing our courses on tablets and phones the usefulness of hover is questionable at best.