Layered text slides timed to video - help

Here is what I need to do:

Play a 6-minute video. At timed intervals as the video is playing, show a series of 7 questions that appear and then disappear one at a time to promote thought.

Additional requirement:

At the point where each question appears, show a PAUSE button that, if clicked, will pause both the video and the flow of the timed text slides with the questions on them.

I tried this first:

Put all text questions on the main slide and time them to show at intervals. This works. BUT - while I can add the button to make the video pause, there appears to be no way to pause the flow of timed text questions.

I tried this next:

Put the video on the main slide layer. Put each question on a layer. Add an animation to each slide and put it on a timer to show at the right point as the video is playing. This does not work. I cannot get the layered slides to show at all. The video plays but the layers never appear. I have adjusted slide properties in every way I can think of and still, the layered slide questions never appear.

I would really appreciate some instructions on how to accomplish what I want - if it's even possible in Storyline.

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Gerry Wasiluk

Hmm, I would think the layers should work.

Try this instead.

Put a shape (any shape will do)  and position off the slide and put it to start on the timeline when you want the question to appear.

Then add a action to it.  Have it open the slide layer with the question when the timeline starts for the object.  Make sure the layer's property is set to pause the base layer.


Kerry Crawford

Thanks Gerry for your reply!

I ended up putting everything on one slide and timing it at intervals. To get the timeline AND the video to stop at the same time with a pause button, I followed the directions here on how to stop a timeline of a slide.

Now I am stumped on how to add buttons that, when you click them, jump to a particular question and also move the video the to right point to correspond with the question.