Layers conflicting in a Process Interation

Jan 03, 2017

I have a slide that is based on the Velocity Process Interaction.  Is there a way to prevent the audio from one of the interactions stating while the audio from the base layer in active?  

In other words, when the slide begins and the audio from the base layers starts, if a user clicks on one the interaction before the base layer audio is finished, the two audio conflict and play at the same time.

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Luke Benfield

Hi Ken,

You can probably accomplish this a few different ways. One way may work better than others depending on other content in your course.

1) If your interaction is built in a different layer than the base layer, you can review the layer properties menu and check the box to "Pause the timeline of the base layer." That should pause the audio.

2) You can set up a trigger to Pause Media (base layer audio clip) when user clicks object (or other function based on your interaction). You'll also want to think through how the paused media should resume with this option as well.

3) This would be the most tedious, and may be a little overkill, but you can set up a True/False variable set to False as the default, create a trigger to pause the base layer audio file when the variable adjusts with a condition that the variable is True. Then, another trigger to change the variable to True when the user clicks the interaction. Like option 2, you would probably need to think through how/if you should be able to resume the base layer audio.

Hope that helps.

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