Layers do not appear on timeline

I am creating layers.  The title of the layers are not appearing on the timeline in stacked order like they usually do for me.  All I can see is the base layer, and then each layer, one at a time.  Have I hid something that will not allow me to see all the layers in the timeline section so I can use the timeline to time each layer as they should occur in the slide?


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Robert Lengacher

Russell - If you are on the Base Slide you will only see objects on the base slide in the timeline.

When you are on each layer, if you scroll down to the bottom of the items in the timeline on that layer, you will see "Base Layer Objects" with a little triangle to the left. Click the triangle to see the objects on the base layer.

I don't believe you can see all of the layers stacked in the timeline, although you can sometimes select items from any layer when working in the trigger wizard.

Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

Hi Russell

I interpreted your question a little differently than Robert did. Here's a screenshot that describes my interpretation! You can see that a couple things can happen to make those "stacked layers" disappear.

If that little arrow has turned left, as you see in the right-most panel, click it so its now pointing down.

If the divider has accidentally been dragged down, as you see in the middle panel, drag it up. It's sometimes hard to grab, so be insistent!

The left-most panel show what you typically see in SL