Layers help!

Dec 07, 2016

Hello experts!  Today I saw this excellent demo using from Trina

From what I see, there is one base slide (Home) and the others are layers which is fine.  What I can't fathom out is how to trigger the player next button to return to the Home (Base) layer without putting in an additional button on the layer slide. This example is exactly what I need in that when the the user presses the next button (on the player) it goes back to the base layer without having to create another next or close button on the layer itself.  I have tried adding in a trigger to say hide this layer when user clicks the next button but it doesn't work.

Any ideas please?


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Daniel Sposato (Philly)

True, what you could do if you want to use the same button to do multiple things is use a variable. Then set conditions on the next button to look for the variable to be equal to different values. Depending on those values the button will do what you want it to do. Let me know if you need a example.

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