Layers Incorrect Display on Articulate Player App


Our courses are published for the web and we noticed that when courses are viewed through the Mobile Player App on the iPad, some of the layers that should open do not show correctly (layers open but image is not shown). Everything works fine when viewed from the desktop and some of the layers do open correctly on the iPad, but not all. Any fixes or it is a bug?

Thank you for your feedback!

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Tamara Tarasova

Hi Julie,

Thanks for the advice. I have to stick to the App though as it will be the only way to see the Flash version on iOS. Because HTML5 is currently not compatible with Edge, we choose Windows 10 users accessibility over mobile accessibility. I was a tough choice for us:(

Tamara Tarasova

Hi Christie,

It is a good idea to test it. But with no reasons the next time we have been testing things worked fine. My assumption is that it is the App glitch rather than the SL course. We have noticed also incorrect display of quiz review (not showing the user's answers) on one of our modules. Again, no difference in publishing with any other modules. The problems it causes are minor (same as extra layers opening) so for the moment we decided to go with the note that not all of the functionality will be available on tablets. Looking forward to the HTML5 compatibility with MS Edge...