Layers Launched when Revisiting a slide with Variables

I am developing a course where there is a menu slide (photo attached) where the icons are the navigation buttons. Users can click any icon to learn more about that best practice. Once they click that icon, they jump to another slide, learn about it, watch a video and then they automatically return to this slide to select another best practice.

Currently, when the user returns to this slide any icons he/she selected are grayed out and any variable associated with them has been assigned to "true."

I'm having two issues:

1. Whenever the user returns to this slide I want a text box to appear that lets them know they have to select another icon. I've tried using variables to trigger the text box to appear (so that any variable clicked will make it change state from hidden to normal upon return) and I've tried putting it on a slide layer and making that slide layer appear when any of the variables has been changed. No luck so far.

2. Once all the icons have been clicked I want a layer to appear that tells the user that he/she is done and can click on a button from the layer to go to the next scene. This trigger currently says to show the layer when the timeline ends and if all the variables are equal to true.

Sorry, but I can't upload the file from work since our computers are locked down.

Thanks for your help!!

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Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

Hi Ellen,

Too bad your company locks y'all down. It's sometimes easier to be helpful when we can see what you've got. But I figured I'd take a stab, based on your description.

First: this is a REALLY plain file and it makes absolutely no sense. I've used snippets of a Windows video that comes with all PCs and really plain shapes. The goal was just to address your functionality...and to get something up here pretty quickly!

Main Menu Slide

The Main Menu has two shapes that go to 2 different slides (I've only done 2...figure you can go from here with the additional 5 you have in your screen shot).

Each shape has a disabled state. And I placed a text box inside the disabled state that alerts the Learner that they've already clicked that shape and viewed that information. Don't know if you like that, but it's one solution.

You said the Learners are automatically returned to the Main Menu...I wasn't sure if you meant they're automatically returned after the video finishes, but that's how I set things up. The video snippets are only about 3 seconds...remember this is just "proof of concept."

True/False Variables

There are 2 T/F variables, the default for each is false.

GreetComplete variable

Discounts variable

Greet Customers & Explain Discounts Slides

There are two triggers on each of these slides

The first trigger sets the associated variable to true when the media completes.

The second variable jumps back to the Main Menu slide when the media completes

Example: on the Greet Customers slide

Set Greetcomplete=true when media completes

Jump to MainMenu when media completes

Back on the Main Menu Slide..

There are 3 triggers

Two triggers change the state of the shapes to disabled when the timeline starts and their associated variable changes


Change the state of Rectangle 1 - Greet Customers to disabled when the timeline starts if Greetcomplete variable = true

I added an All Set Layer

The 3rd trigger on the Base Layer says to show the All Set layer when the timeline starts if the state of the two rectangles = disabled

A button on the All Set layer jumps to the next scene

Let us know how that works!