Layers not closing and next button not working

Jun 11, 2015

I have a Knowledge Check that is a Choose the best answer a, b, or c.  I am not using the results slides but in turn using layers as results.  My problem is that I cannot have the submit button at the bottom on the player, it needs to be on the slide, so I put a button there and that button has triggers to the slide layer correct or incorrect depending on the users choice. 

The trouble I am having is twofold:

1.  I do not want them to be able to select the next button until they select the correct answer and click the button I added to the slide. I did put a condition on the next button to not advance to the next slide unless the select button (object)  has been selected.  That seemed to work but then I had problems with my slide layer when I put the condition on the base layer.

2.  When they are on the Correct or Incorrect Slide Layer if they push the previous button it takes them to the previous slide they were on but the next button does nothing and if I try and put a trigger of advance to the next slide when user clicks the next button that trigger ends up on the base slide not the slide layer, so I am chasing my tail on this one.

Any help would be really appreciated and of course this must be resolved today so the upload to our LMS will happen today :(  Thanks in advance!  Ronda

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Ronda Otey

I actually think I fixed it:

1.  I added the next button back in on all the slides.  Put a condition on it to not advance to next slide unless the object (submit button on slide) was visited.  Before I had it as "selected" and also think I put that on the trigger and not the condition.  So that fixed both problems...but if it comes back from QA as still not working properly I will reach back out!

Thank you, Ronda


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