Layers Not Working

Oct 15, 2020

I've created several slides that have layers.  I set up the triggers to show the layer when user clicks on Submit.  It works when I preview the individual slide; but when I preview the Scene, the layers don't appear - when I click Submit, it goes right to the next slide.

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Micah Weedman

I've had this problem before--and in every case, the solution is to make sure you have individual variables for each action you want to trigger.  If you are using the same variable for the whole project, it will work on slide preview, because no other slide is using the variable, but will get confused on project preview becuase each instance is trying to use the same variable.  Hope that's helpful (and apologies if it isn't!)

Micah Weedman

Ah, I see.  My hunch then is that you're assigning dual roles to the submit button, which if I'm not mistaken also acts as the "next" button.  So you're asking it to both show the layer and move on the next slide.

Can I ask what is the content in the layer?  If it's a response to the question they've just answered, can you not use a feedback layer?


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