Layers not working at all in Storyline 360

Hi, I have the latest version of Storyline 360 as of May 29. I've been working with layers since Storyline 1, but as of yesterday they don't work at all anymore. 

I created the layers, and the triggers to the layers, as usual. But when I click on any trigger, I either get a portion of the base layer only, or nothing but the base layer. In no case do I get a layer. 

Visibility is on for all layer objects, yet only base objects show, whether I uncheck base object visibility in the layer timeline, or select "Hide objects on base layer" in layer settings.

I've attached one of the slides. I tried working with layers with a different slide this morning, with the same result.

On a side note, the attached file is HUGE...91 MB. But there are less than 12 MB worth of images in it, all properly imported. Is that related to the problem?

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Charles Thompson

I figured out the issue...There was one SVG image imported from PowerPoint. While Storyline now works with SVG images imported from PowerPoint, this may be a new bug in Storyline 360. Please review the .story file to verify that the SVG file corrupts the slide. The SVG image is the little gaming controller icon near bottom center of the base layer. Remove it, and everything works. 

I've encountered the bug on additional slides containing other SVG files imported from PowerPoint.

Charles Thompson

Hi David,

Yes, all those Freeform images are in a group that makes up the SVG. That's how Storyline brought in the SVG from PowerPoint. That shouldn't corrupt a Storyline file, so I still think it's a bug.

The "Save As" thing works, but I'm wondering why one would need to do that in the first place.

Alyssa Gomez

Hey Charles, 

Thanks for sharing your PowerPoint file! This issue is related to a bug in Storyline 360. We've got it logged so our team can begin looking at next steps.

For now, I would suggest saving Group: Picture 22 as a single PNG image file. Then, reimport the PNG image back into Storyline to replace the grouped shapes.

Let me know if that makes a difference!

Charles Thompson

Hi Alyssa,

Thanks for keeping me updated. I'm never happy to find a bug, but at least I'm not crazy! (I think.)

Once I found out it was an SVG issue, the first thing I did last week was exactly as you just suggested: change the SVG to a PNG. (In my case, I did it in Photoshop.) Works like a charm. No issues.

Katie Riggio

Great news, everyone!

Update 36 for Storyline 360 is live: This release includes a fix for the issue where layers appeared blank when the base layer had certain icons from Content Library 360 or SVG images from PowerPoint.

To see all the enhancements this version has to offer, follow these steps to update your software. Let us know what you think!