layers not working when upgrading to Storyline2

Oct 21, 2014

I built a project in Storyline 1 that contains about 50 slides with roughly 50-60 variables.  Some slides contain 2 or more layers.  Everything works fine.  When I  upgraded to Storyline 2, now my layers won't all work.  It usually just loops when switching between layer 2 and 3 OR if I do get it to run through all the layers, it won't proceed to the next slide. 

Any suggestions on what to do aside from creating new slides? 

This is occurring in all my projects, so I will assume it's an issue with Storyline 2.

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Emily Ruby

Hello Jennifer!

Please make sure you are working locally as described here.

When you upgrade the files to SL2, there is an automatic back up file created.

Have you tried opening this again in SL2, and are you receiving the same issue?

You could attach the SL1 version here to see if we can recreate the issue, or you can do this in the form of a support ticket.

Brian Schober

Jennifer has there been any resolution to this error?

I am having a similar issue when I upgrade files to SL2.  Layers are blank when previewing and the boxes that appear after a question is answered have a reversed animation, where the box disappears instead of appears (this makes it impossible to click "Ok" and proceed with the course. 

Kind Regards, 


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