Layers Remembering States

May 24, 2012


I am creating a lesson on how to use the features of a new WorkCentre copy machine.  The main menu has 5 buttons that lead to sub menus. 

My idea is that I will display a picture of the main menu and then create 5 clear buttons, one over each of the 5 buttons on the picture.  Each of the buttons will take the user to a new slide with detailed information about the sub menu.  After the user views the sub menu it will return them to the main menu where they can choose another button. 

As they view each sub menu I would like for a checkmark to appear on the main menu indicating which buttons have been clicked.  I have this running with 5 separate layers of checkmarks, one for each button.  The checkmark layers are revealed as the matching button's status changes to "Visited."

The problem I am encountering is that Storyline is only remembering the button status for two layers at a time. 

If I click on the 1st button a checkmark appears for it. 

If I then click on a 2nd button a checkmark appears for buttons # one and # two.

But if I then click on a 3rd button the checkmark that had been on 1 disappears. And so on and so forth.

The interesting thing is that I have a Next button on the screen that only becomes active once the status of all 5 buttons changes to "Visited."  This function works properly.  So Storyline is keeping track of the button status, it just isn't reflected in more than two of the displayed layers.

Sorry this was long, and hopefully it makes sense.  Any help would be appreciated. 

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Angie Johnson

Hi Matt, you might have already tried this, but you could add your checkmarks to your Visited state on each of your transparent buttons instead of on separate layers. If that doesn't work, post your story file and I'm sure someone could figure it out - we've got a lot of super heros on here (none of which are me )


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