Layers stopped working correctly

Jan 13, 2016

This just seemed to have just happened yesterday. I have a slide with three layers. When I try to listen to the audio on a layer in the timeline by pressing play, it does not now work. I also get a blend of the base layer and the layer I am trying view on the screen.

If I preview the slide, all layers are triggered and show correctly. If I publish the project, the audio works on the base and layers, but when I trigger a layer, part of the base (the images) show through on the triggered layer.

I know there was an issue with an update causing preview issues, and I corrected that, and I have downloaded all updates now, but I have no idea why this is happening.

Thank you,



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Kevin Marty

The offending slide is 1.9. It looks fine when I preview it, but when I publish the layers overlap somewhat. Also when I try to play the slide using the timeline play button, the audio won't play and the layers again merge together.

Here is a link to the published course.

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