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Jul 16, 2012


Hope you can help - I'm very new to storyline and still finding my way around... I've looked at the tutorials on creating layers and triggers, but for some reason when I add a new layer or trigger I'm not getting the menu that comes up on the right hand side, which is making things very difficult!

Have I missed a step somewhere?!


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Peter Anderson

Hi Sam!

That menu gets mistakenly collapsed pretty easily. If you move your cursor all the way over to the right-edge of your Storyline window, you should see the crosshair appear, allowing you to drag and resize the menu back into place. Sometimes you need to snap it back into place a little further over than you think, then resize it from there. 

Amy G.

Hello. I've got some scenes that I want to simply link linearly. It's a linear course, but for slide-management purposes, I thought it was easier to deal with 40+ slides by grouping them by topic. 

So, do I have to set up triggers to get the course to flow from one screen to the next? I saw the Scenes tutorial, which said the below. but in preview mode, the course doesn't move to the next scene.

Controlling the presentation order

By default, slides and scenes follow a linear order, but you can create non-linear learning paths by changing the triggers on any slide. Just select a slide and, in the Triggers panel, edit the trigger for the Next button (or any other trigger on the slide).

I may have to just drag and drop everything into one scene, but I liked the easier access to slides (as an ID) and also the hierarchy automatically created in the menu.

Is there any other problem for learners that scenes might create in a linear course?


Dani Edwards

Hi there 

I'm having a bit of an issue also with the triggers and layers. Basically I have set the base layer slide with a menu of buttons down the side that trigger to another layer when the user clicks.


High Frequency Treatment (Heading - show intro text i.e. base layer when user clicks)

Advantages (Subheading - shows layer 1 "HFT advantages" when user clicks)

Precautions (Subheading - shows layer 2 "HFT precautions" when user clicks)

Procedure (Subheading - shows layer 3 "HFT procedure" when user clicks)

As far as I know there are no other animations or additional settings. 

The problem comes in when we get to the HFT procedure layer. I have set it up with numbered circles which trigger on mouseover to another layer - showing each of the procedural steps, when I preview or publish the slide, it will not allow the user to click on any of these circles - instead it takes the user straight back to the base layer without allowing contact with the objects (circles) 

I simply cannot fathom what i could have done to make it work like this - any suggestions? 


Mike Enders


It could be a number of issues.  Would you be able to attach your file so we can take a look?  If it's too big, or you're worried about confidential info, feel free to create a single slide presentation with the same set up and clean content and load.  This will help us see what you have for triggers, etc.



Amy G.

Hi Mike,

Yes, I was previewing the entire course and not just a scene. The scenes definitely didn't flow together; the preview stopped at the end of the first scene.

I was able to link the first scene to the second, using the link icon at the bottom of the scene. However, other scenes don't have the link icon at the bottom, so I am unable to connect them. 

Is there a rhyme and reason to when and why the link icon appears?

Thanks so much.


Mike Enders


I'm noticing two things...

1. You've got a fair amount of unnecessary duplicate data.  The base layer content menu, for example, doesn't need to replicated on the electrical treatments layer.

2. The reason the numbers aren't allowing rollover is due to the fact that the layer properties are set to "hide other slide layers". Hence, you were rolling over a number and it was closing down your DHF procedure layer (which contains the circles!).  So you'll want to uncheck these on layers that you want to show on top of other layers.

Oh, you also don't need the title on each of the DHF Procedure Step layers as the title from the main DHF procedure layer will show through.  Removing these will help cut down on file size.

Okay, I cleaned up that DHF section (file attached).  Now let's see you rock the IHF! 


Amy G.

Mike, all my scenes were already expanded, but the only one that had the link icon at the bottom was the first one. I have a few others; all expanded, none have icons, and when selected to be active, it doesn't appear either.

See example screen cap. They're all like this (minus the one I linked to the second).

Amy G.

Mike--I think I figured it out. The scenes that had the link at the bottom/end all ended with a slide that had a Jump to Next Slide trigger upon clicking the Next button. That seemed to be the difference. My other slides were questions with a Continue button trigger, and I had to edit that trigger to tell it to go to the next scene vs. the next slide.

Problem solved.


Keisha Braswell

I need help. I am unable to see the 4L2 Layer. I'm really frustrated because I feel like all of the triggers are being added to the base layer. When the user is on layer 4L1, I want it to transition to layer 4L2 when the user clicks the next button and the enter button. Each time I try to apply the trigger to the 4L1 layer, it shows up on the Base Layer. Please help.

Alyssa Gomez

Hi Keisha!

You were almost there, you just had a few extra triggers that need to be removed from the base layer. This is what the base layer trigger panel should look like. 

I made that change in your file and attached the updated version here. Have a look, and let me know if that's what you had in mind!

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