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Having a problem with a hotspot test activity.

1. base layer to jump to layer 2 with correct option chosen,and incorrect layer to show when incorrect option chosen
2. layer 2 to jump to next slide when correct option chosen and incorrect layer when incorrect option chosen.

when choosing the incorrect option and thereafter choosing the correct option, the correct option doesnt work

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Wendy Farmer

Hi Dorreen

not sure how you have the slide elements set up so I am assuming a lot here

I have created a freeform hotspot activity in SL 1 with more than one attempt.

If you select the correct hotpot > submit, it gives correct feedback > click continue and go to next slide.

If you select the incorrect hotspot > submit, you get the incorrect feedback > click try again button and it returns to the hotspot and you attempt again and resubmit.

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Doreen,

Thanks for sharing your file here. Nothing was marked as the "correct" choice within the hotspot question and therefore you'd never be shown the correct layer. Since it seems like you'd like the user to try the question more than once, what about using the built in "attempts" option which would allow for the user to try the question as many times as you indicate - and you could customize that layer to look as you'd like? 

When I changed the hotspot question to have the hotspot marked as correct -everything worked as expected. 

If I'm misunderstanding what you'd like to have happen, could you share a bit more information. 

Doreen Lynch

The idea is for the user to click the 1st hotspot which directs them to the 2nd hotspot. If the user clicks outside the hotspot they should get the incorrect layer. If they click the 1st right hotspot they are directed to the 2nd hotspot which is on the 2nd layer. if they click the correct 2nd hotspot they are directed to the correct layer. If they click the wrong 2nd hotspot they see the incorrect layer.

Emily Ruby

Hello Doreen!

I took a look at your file. It seems that since you were using a hotspot question with feedback per answer, when you selected the correct hotspot, the correct feedback layer was showing and not the "2nd layer" 

i have updated this a bit (and added text in the 2nd layer to verify it is showing correctly) And now when you hit the hotspot, the 2nd layer appears, then the correct layer appears. The first slide is just adding hotspots on a blank slide, and the second is a hotspot interacting, removing the feedback per answer, and creating your own layers to show.

If you answer incorrect first time, the incorrect will show, and then you can re select the correct answer.

Let me know if this helps!