Layers variable conundrum

Aug 21, 2021


I am reaching out to see if anyone can (please!) work out what is going on with the attached file. This problem concerns the superhero logos on the character's belt in the attached. I have a used a variable to display and set a single layer. When the user moves to the second slide they have a completed design that saves when they return.

However, when the user returns to edit the first slide they can successfully change the layer (it references the correct value) but when they move to the second slide the previously selected layer is still displayed (overlapping the selected). The different layers all use the same variable and have different values, so why does more than one layer display on the second slide?

It is easier to understand the problem for yourself  when you open the attached. I have achieved what I want with another file and tried to replicate exactly in this one, so why oh why is this not behaving correctly? Please help, I'm at the end of my wits with this one.

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Phil Mayor

The layers are set so they do not hide other layers. So you are going to need triggers to hide each of the layers when you change the icon. On the designer you can select all of the icons and they all overlay. Ideally the logo is also a button set so only one can be selected.

I think you should simplfy the skin and hair colour sorter as there should be no reason to click on the image to set these. I would also add a selected state to each of the colours