Layout switching between Slide Layers

I know this title sounds confusing. But I will do my best to explain. Basically I have a button on the master slide that pops up a slide layer for a captions. On that master slide I have two different layouts a 'question' layout and 'course' layout. When I click the 'captions' button the layout switches from the 'course' layout to the 'question' layout and I have no idea how to switch what layout that slide layer is using. As it should just be using the 'course' layout. I have done this for a menu and it works great. 

I cannot share my file unfortunately, but if anyone has any ideas I would greatly appreciate it.



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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Kyle, 

Are these captions appearing as layers on the slide itself or on the slide master? On the slides themselves, layers are drawn from the layout you set up as feedback masters. 

I know you mentioned not being able to share, but if you could share privately our Support Engineers can take a look or you could also look at stripping down the file to remove anything confidential and share that version with us using the "add attachment" button. 

Kyle Wandler

Hello Ashley, 

Thanks for answer. The slide layers are also on the Master Slide. Currently I have the Captions working and then a secret menu that is also set on the Master Slide by selecting 'shift+m' the menu pops up and it's for quick navigation for testing. 

How would I share privately?