LDAP Authentication from Articulate Mobile Player

Hi all-

I have a client who is requiring us to password protect the training applications we are developing for them. They are each going to be running in the Articulate Mobile Player on the iPad. The client has certain security protocols in place and is requiring us to authenticate through LDAP(Lightweight Directory Access Protocol). The client informed me today that this should be possible. Has anyone heard of this being done successfully through a course running in the mobile player?

If someone could provide any insights I would greatly appreciate it!

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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Garrett, 

I wanted to point you to the bottom part of this tutorial on launching a course within the AMP.

I don't need to support tracking, can I still use the Articulate Mobile Player in my LMS even if it doesn't support Tin Can API?

It depends. If your LMS doesn’t require a login, your learners might be able to use the Articulate Mobile Player. If your LMS requires a login, learners might not be able to use the Articulate Mobile Player, because browsers cannot pass security credentials to iPad apps unless the LMS supports Tin Can API. You'll need to test your published output in your particular LMS environment if you plan to allow viewing in Articulate Mobile Player.

As you can read here, the part that concerns me is the login piece...I'll be curious to see if any other users have successfully done the same thing.