Learn Dash Scaling Problem

Jun 08, 2020

I have added several courses to Learn Dash and find that the scale when the course is playing is too big.  I have set the view in Player to Scale to fit browser window, and the design to width 720 and height to 540.  In the iframe the width is set to 980 and height to 658.

How to do I set both Storyline 3 and the iframe to the correct settings so it will play correctly in LearnDash?

Thank you for your help!

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Sam Hill

Hi Melanie, the setting you are using "Scale to fit browser" allows the course to scale up or down to fit the allocated space within the browser. If you feel it is appearing too large and want to fix the height and width to 720x540 you  will need to publish with the classic player using "Lock player at optimal size" or if using the modern player, you would need to launch in a new window and use the setting "Resize browser to optimal size".

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