Learner Choice...

I think that I'm over thinking this one...

Below is my sample... I want the learner to be able to have free choice on "Main 1" to choose path A1 or path B1 and when done with that path automatically go back to the beginning of the other path. Only when both paths are completed would I like them to be able to  get to Main 2.

What's the simplest way to accomplish this?

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Jeanette Brooks

Hi Mike! Here's a quick look at one way you could handle this: https://jeanette.viewscreencasts.com/ed5ecf9f312793944902a786baabbd71

...and the file's attached in case you want to deconstruct.

In a nutshell, here's what I did:

  • On the last slide in each path, insert a button that jumps back to the menu.
  • Create 2 true/false variables, and name them something like A1Complete and B1Complete. Set their initial value to False.
  • On the last slide of the A1 path, add a trigger that Adjusts the variable A1 Complete to a value of True. Do the same on the final slide of the B1 path, but adjust the variable B1Complete to True. You'll use these to monitor whether the learner has completed each path or not.
  • On the menu slide, create a button that jumps to Main 2, but set its initial state to hidden. Add a trigger changes its state to Normal if both of your true/false variables (A1 Complete and B1Complete) are true.

Hope that helps!

Mike Byrnes


Is there a way to do this without going back to a menu and making the alternate choice? I'm looking for them to make a choice of a path and then right after that choice, they go to the other one automatically without having to choose the other path from a menu or creating duplicate sets of slides.

Does that make sense?

Jeanette Brooks

Yes. You could apply 2 conditional triggers to the Next button on the final slide of each path. One trigger takes the learner to the other path if they haven't yet completed it. The second trigger takes the learner to Main 2 if they have already completed both paths. 

Here's a screencast: https://jeanette.viewscreencasts.com/fc754251c408531e4c58f21d462c4811

...and the source file's attached.