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Hello my friends:

I am considering developing a training game using Articulate Storyline. I want to make it an adventure game, and would like to give the learner an opportunity to choose their character from among a couple options: a female Caucasian or a female African American. The option will be given to the learner as graphic images (of the Caucasian female or African American female). Is that possible, and how is it done? Is there a tutorial anyone can point me to?

Please let me know what other questions you may have or what more details you need.

Rodney Thomas

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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Rodney,

You can certainly set this up - I would assign a particular trigger to each character that jumps to the particular slide/scene that you would like them to follow based on character, and you could also use the branching method within quizzes to set it up in a "choose your own adventure" format. Here is also a blog post on setting up a course using the branching method.