Learner control vs, system control

Feb 02, 2016

Hello everybody,

I need to design a course using the just in time information model for my thesis. One of my variables is learner control. There are four groups, and two of the groups will have learner control, meaning that they will be able to go back and review supportive information or procedural information. Long story short, I have to measure whether the participants in the learner control group will ever go back and review information to solve a practice question; therefore, I need to log all of their action and spent time in the course. Has anybody tried it before? Any help will be appreciated. Thank you!

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Christie Pollick

Hi, Filiz -- Many thanks for your question! It may be helpful if you could share your file so that others in the community can take a look and better understand what you are hoping to accomplish. 

If you would like to review some other threads on the topic of tracking time spent in a course, please see the following:

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Hope that helps and perhaps others will have some additional ideas they can share! :) 

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