Learner Management and Curriculum Design

May 02, 2013

I am developing an eLearning process that is to replace what has traditionally been 2 days of classroom sales process training based upon 130+ PowerPoint Slides. I am breaking the content up into very brief modules (5-8 minutes each). The goal is to be able to configure select and sequence modules to provide a curriculum that is job-specific. 

In other words, a sales person may need to complete modules 1-20, while a sales person may only need 1,3,6, 9 and 11.

Can someone recommend how I should organize this? Should there be one big Project with many Scenes, or just a lot of Scenes? Finally, how to I navigate the individual learner from the end of the current module to the beginning of the next in the series?

Robert Gay

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Robert Gay

I am using a trial version of Articulate Online. Perhaps that will do what I need. I have seen where quizzes, etc. can be uploaded to the Articulate Online site, but this only makes me wonder if I should be using individual quizzes outside of the training curriculum, or if I should continue to embed quizzing into the training modules I am developing in Storyline.

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