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Hey All,

I'm currently making a survey to send out to a selection of learners to ask them what they would like to change about the current e-learning modules and what they want to keep. The 6 modules they have taken are all very different in style, content, tone etc and there is no incentive for them to complete the survey other than the knowledge that they may help others in future cohorts to experience enhanced e-learning.


I've come to the conclusion that I'll have to keep the survey short and sweet but my problem is how do I do this whilst also asking several questions about 6 different modules.

Any ideas?

Any/All help would be greatly appreciated.


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Adena Wilson

Hi Harri. One approach would be to start by writing down ALL of the questions you think you want to ask and then start culling. See which questions will actually give you answers that will result in changes that you will be able to implement. Also see which questions apply to more than one module. After you have been able to cut out some questions have someone else read and see if they can come up with other questions that could be dropped (if you need to cut more). And then pilot the survey and see what the responses tell you and whether or not hey give you useful information, and also see if anything important is not covered.

For sure, good survey writing is not easy. 

Hope this helps,


Harri C

Hi Adena,

Thank you for your response. In the end we've decided that it's more useful for us to ask the learners about what they would like to see in their 'ideal' course rather than asking them to pull apart the existing courses.

I never realised how difficult it would be to create a short but valuable survey