Learner survey with choose one and short answer questions


We need our storyline 360 course to have a pre-course survey and pre-test, where the learners enter both pick-one and short answers that are text, and all of the answers need to be passed to an lms or the scorm cloud.  So for instance, the pre-course survey will ask them about their specialty, their work location, etc.. and consist of drop-down pick-one answer options as well as open fields where they can type an answer.  The quiz will be only multiple choice options. We need all of that information to be passed to the lms.  Is this possible? 

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Crystal Horn

Hey there, Julie! You can make this happen. Here are some pointers to keep in mind:

  • Use one question per slide. It won't be exactly like the form that you've shared in your screenshot, but this ensures each piece of information is tracked properly.
  • Track all of your question slides on a results slide. The results slide is what sends question data to your LMS, including survey responses.
  • Consider how you want scoring to work. Your results slide options include a passing score and variable references showing the learner's score. You can modify the look of that slide to match your goals.

Let us know how you make out!