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Hi everyone !

Can we give learners 3 tries to obtain a minimum of 70% on a quiz at the end of a program?


Once learners have completed the program and scored at least 70% on the assessment, is there a way to have that trigger the sending of an email (to a specific person) that “certifies” that they have completed the program?


If so, is there a way to put some fields at the beginning of the program to ensure that the learner’s name and license number are included in the email that is sent out?

Thank you !!

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Jan Vilbrandt

Hi Mylene,

to give you some quick answers: yes, yes, yes and yes.

This is the short one.... ;-)

You are asking about some more or less custom solutions you have to create with JavaScript and an extern mail-sending Client (not Outlook, Thunderbird....) but a native function like the "sendmail" from php.

You can have unlimitied tries of a quiz. Goto to the quiz-Options and enable the checkbox "Allow user to retry quiz". You may reduce this manually by a custom variable which disables a button like "Goto final quiz" after three tries. Each time the learner enters the quiz again you will add 1 to this variable. It starts with 0. If the variable is "4" the "goto quiz button" will be disabled.

If you want to send a mail you have to use JavaScript to trigger a php (or another web-)page to send an email with certain Information (AJAX Javascript -> html/PHP-Page with custom Parameters für user's name, number, etc.).

At the beginning of the course you can ask the lerner his/her name and number. Store them in two text-variables in Storyline. Both variables can be used by JavaScript (just refer to other posts in this forum). You will find at least one example in the download section of this community.

There is no "out of the box" function for this kind of automatic emails you'd like to have... if you are not familiar with javascript, php (or similar) and server you should give this task to a tech-nerd.
You could create emails natively with storyline but they are not sent automatically but manually by the lerner (which I do not like because almost no one will click on "send" in his mail-client while doing a course).

Sorry, there is no "short" answer which can be used out of the box...

By the way: if you are using the articulate app the above will not work since javascript does not work in the app. Only the "3 tries" will work in the app.